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LAW FIRM Personal Injury Attorney, Sexual Assault Attorney, Sexual Harassment Attorney, Title IX And Business Disputes


Carla DiMare is a civil trial attorney with a private practice in San Diego, California. Her work in state and federal courts has helped many individuals and businesses. See her profile here.


“Carla takes the hard cases where she sees an injustice and tries to correct it. She fought for me against all odds when other attorneys would not take our civil rights violation, sexual harassment, and sexual assault case. I feel very lucky that I found her. She fought like a lion and never wavered.” 

K.R., wounded warrior

“Carla is fearless when she sees an injustice and works very hard to give your case the individualized attention that you need to succeed. She is courageous and the kind of person you want on the front line with you.” 

E.S., San Diego

“Carla took on my sexual harassment, sexual assault and breach of fiduciary duty case, and quickly got me a large settlement. She is a wise, skilled, and extremely competent lawyer. My case was somewhat complicated, but with Carla's vast knowledge of the legal system, excellent judgment, and skillful maneuvering, she guided me every step of the way. Carla is deeply empathetic and caring. She is absolutely a top-notch lawyer, and I will always be very grateful for her hard work!” 


“Carla went up against a large international company that tried to hide documents in my family’s wrongful death case. She did a fabulous job and my family will never forget her hard work and dedication. Even though we mostly spoke Spanish, we did not have problems communicating with her, and I always knew that my family’s best interests were her priority. We love her, consider her family, and feel very lucky that she was willing to take our case on a contingency fee basis, and help us get compensated for our damages.”

Thriver, SMK, Oregon

“Ten years ago suing for sexual assault, sexual harassment and breach of fiduciary duty was far less known than it is in today’s world. Finding a lawyer who understood the predatory behavior of “spiritual teachers” took research and time. Thankfully I found Carla who was a fierce advocate for me and quickly got to work holding my abusers accountable. I hope victims of abuse of power find the strength and self-love needed to sue their abusers. It profoundly matters that these types of abuses are dealt with legally by lawyers like Carla. She was a godsend. She understood the trauma I endured and skillfully supported me at the most vulnerable time in my life. Carla was a warrior for me and I encourage you to let her do the same for you too. With her, advocacy and legal savvy victims become survivors who go on in life to become thrivers.’’